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¡Mr. Mole is here!

Kernext it's the most powerful VPN in the world. With over 3 encryption methods and Socket5 connections we protect your privacy like anyone else. Payments, browsing, surveys, whatever you need, just unleash your true anonymity because Kernext is there for you, your freedom its at one click.

Powerful, Light & Residential

We understand that privacy voilation in the internet its a serious problem, payment sites, goverment sites, ads and even emails can track you easily but not all hope is lost, we offer you the best solution to keep you safe and anonymous. Introducing KerNext, the best and most powerful VPN ever.

Mr. Mole, will gladly take a series of logical and intangible steps for you when working. You can browse all sites you want, restricted sites, Netflix and many others because Mr. Mole works tiressly to mask your IP adress to let you work with total annonimity and freedom at one click.

You can stay calm because Mr. Mole assigns you only ISP Residential from Fortune 500 like: Comcast Xfinity, AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Comporium, COX, Optimum and much more. You can try KerNext now (24 hours trial) only for $5.00.

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